What happens when an architect accidentally scales up onehundredfold plans for a client's new kitchen?

No parent wants to be responsible for a child feeling excluded at school, but it's your fault your son's lunchtimes have changed since the summer holiday. Now, his social status resembles a lame glasses kid or a filthy layabout nothinghead. The ice cool crackerjacks in the playground have all been to the theme park that has everything, especially the kitchen sink! Son has been begging you to go Giant Kitchen Land. He knows what ride he’ll go on first and what he’d be too nervous to try. “We can’t afford it”, you tell him, although it breaks your heart to see him so sad. When he’s tucked up in bed, having sweet dreams of the moment of anticipation before the pop on the toaster ride, you’ll turn to your partner. “We could save up”, you say, “we could go without a few luxuries for a while. It would be worth it, to see the smile on his face”.

Whether you’re a kitchen-loving thrill seeker or just looking for somewhere to take the kids, a fun filled day out is guaranteed when you visit Giant Kitchen Land. Take everything you knew about merry-go-rounds and leave it at the door of our microwave-go-round. Spin at 700 rotations per minute in the Laundry Room, get soaked in the Dishwasher or enjoy some family fun in the Kiddie Kupboards. As if exploiting childish adrenaline wasn’t enough, this place also prides itself on delicious cuisine, just like mum’s kitchen at home! We offer a wide range of places to eat and booze, so no one in the family will be disappointed. Try a burger at the Grill or neck a quick bottle at the Wine Rack.

Your partner is clicking intently online. “What do you think?” You ask him. As you look across and wait for a response, you suddenly understand the agony Son goes through every time he begs you. Staring at his screen, your partner’s facial expression changes gradually, as if he can’t quite believe what he’s seeing. “What? What is it?” You ask him, intrigued and excited by the smile spreading across his face. Finally, the response comes:

We’re going to Giant Kitchen Land! This weekend! Tickets are excellent value for money! I knew that you got a fun-filled family experience with state of the art rides in a quirky setting, so I just assumed prices would be three times that amount! Plus, when you buy in advance online, you save 40% on the price that you’d pay on the day!”