To Race or Face

Runner: Hey man. New personal best today. You know what, I'm actually really looking forward to this marathon.

Non-runner: Good man, I'm glad it's going well for you.

Runner: Oh. You haven't sponsored me yet.

Non-runner: Ah, yeah, no I haven't. But just out of curiosity... What are you running from?

Runner: I'm running for Childline.

Non-runner: No, what are you running FROM?

Runner: Running from? from the start line to the finish line? It's all for a good cause.

Non-runner: No, what are YOU running from?

I bought a treadmill when I was 17 with money I earned from working at Pizza Hut. I'd try to use it 5 times a week and kept a diary to record how much I ran. A few weeks in, I picked up a groin injury and couldn't walk for a bit. In recent years, I have intermittently tredmilled when back at my parent's house, but pushing myself is unpleasantly gruelling when doing something boring as fuck. The fact that frequent jogging risks long-term joint problems and muscle injuries, makes the thought of pounding the ground even bleaker.

This is going to sound like sponsored content but it's not, it's just something that I love. There is something that has got me running 5km every week and that thing is parkrun. parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs open to everyone. They take place all over the world but are most prominent in the UK, where there are 609 parks that host parkruns every Saturday morning for hundreds of runners. You bring a bar code that is scanned at the finish line, so your individual time is uploaded to the website.

parkrun brings runners and non-runners together; I hate running but I love parkrun. Running a timed and recorded run with other people, provides motivation for what otherwise is an incredibly dull activity. For me, 11am on a Saturday is one of two scenarios: I'm either refreshed and breakfasted after my morning parkrun, or in bed feeling shit and hungover.

I tried blogging about something I feel passionate about but it's come across too preachy.

So I opened it with a stolen sketch that I like.