Rose tinted glasses aren't what they used to be

At home

Thigh to thigh and in tangled arms I see she wants me. The Chinese whisper creeps from my eye to hers, then beyond and to her mouth. I hear that she needs me. By breaking away the silence, the eye contact becomes an eye contract. My tea will get cold.

About you: your jacket and touch are nice. About me: I don't loath or love but I respect. About the window: close it, it's cold. About us: can you introduce me to your sister? About time: you said you'd be here an hour ago.

At work

I get it that you're talking to me about lead generation because it's important to you. I can't help but wonder if your ten year old self cared half as much as you do about marketing. I picture a little girl in class thinking about attributing revenue according to the relative importance in conversion. I'm alarmed.

We're having an okay time here. You know the man over there had a breakdown because the woman over there slept with the married mouse over there who divorced blind ambition to bitch about those who haven't, or wouldn't or couldn't muster up a project plan. I'm glad we're friends.

At the Supermarket

You're in my way to getting some eggs. But it's okay, you're buying some things too, it's why we're here.

At Everywhere

Hey, I just met you. This is nothing. Here's my nothing. Ignore me maybe.