On Arguing

Online arguing culture lacks tone, indifference and commenters who aren't sure about what's right and who's wrong. So I prefer arguing offline, where I've made a hobby of always advocating the hell out of the devil. Having no passionate opinions, I challenge any idea put forward, facetiously switching between viewpoints, at the whim of a desire to get under the skin of anyone exposing that they might care about something. My intentions are playful, and at best so will be the response.

I don't deviate from good nature, but my tendancies to search for character flaws and belief contradictions are received better by those who can reference their own weaknesses. I get no cruel pleasure from upset, only from frustration or blind indignity. This lack of conversational wholesomeness remains unknown to many who know me only as uncomfortably shy. To find out what I actually think, they'll need internet connection to read how my humour is reactive, conversationally redactive. I'm just not attractive, when I'm interacting.