Not a guide to Sexuality

My next post was going to be a guide to sexuality, based on the flurry of tinder dates I'd had. The dates were enjoyable, but there was no whirlwind romance I secretly wanted.

At the time I write this, I haven't met anyone for a couple of weeks, or done much socially at all, and my sexuality has become unhealthily stale and distant. I will try to write about it anyway, but this blog post is not driven by emotion or passion, but a desire to a) write b) do something.

Because I grew up in a heteronormative environment, my attraction towards girls naturally became part of my identity. I am however regularly exposed to progressive ideas which made me want to question my sexuality. I've had male crushes before, and am excited by the idea of experimenting.

Instinctively, women turn me on more than men but what if that's just internalised heteronormativity? I dated a man and had no desire towards him. The next day I dated a women and felt instantly warmed by her presence. I'm not categorically saying I'm straight, but I am categorically saying I need to get out more.


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