Mad Things

Semblance so sealed, entrance congealed, to the brink, is feeled, in the morning, and the night, the pressure, pressed tight, an explosion, alight, and alive, I'm alright.

Laughing at the sun, darting to the left, let's pocess fun, smiling undressed, I'm the best, I'm the worst, a blessing is, a curse, watch me perverse, watch me, just watch me.

My screaming, is wry, my battle, will cry, as a warning, you're boring, I'm hardly unkind, but it's all about me, I'm lingered debris, I wanna do mad things, toss coats on the floor and, rip the atmosphere raw.

Implore what you know, tear down what won't grow, untether your seams, don't know what it means, sidled and flat, or sidling and sat, I'm always really calm, but I wanna do mad things.

I want to breathe louder, dream smaller, but do bigger, be heard from space and be a recognisable face, chew up your treasures, spit them out like the venom on your lips, I'm not more than a man, but I'm better than you unless you wanna do mad things too.