Hi, I'm a blogger established on write.as. Please read my wispy wanderings, which are nothing more than the journal entries of a lonely 23 year old British male. I don't take myself seriously, but hope you will. Let me tell you about my blogs.

hereisdistant.co.uk melancholic moment medoly Thematic personal words I find therapeutic to construct. Posts are usually based on an anecdote or observation and they explore what I really think / who I really am.

Sober Thoughts a collection of sober thoughts Looser, less coherent stuff without titles. There's the odd poem, rambling, response or just whatever comes to mind.

3OH!3 Fan Club Exclusively Lyrics from 3OH!3 Songs In 2007, I came across Sean Foreman (30H!3), drunk in the corner of a downtown Boulder bar. As he rambled lyrics of songs that remain unreleased, I secretly recorded him. I think they're brilliant, so every now and again I dip into them, transcribing to this blog.

#TalesFromSocialMedia Under this hashtag on hereisdistant.co.uk I write silly articles and stories that are bloody ludicrous. I would make it a separate blog, but I don't have the allowance.

For comment, feedback and hatemail: hereisdistant@gmail.com